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Speak with Impact: Best Man Speech Delivery Tips for an Unforgettable Toast

Updated: Jul 8

Using a classic best man joke in your speech is great for "padding" out your best man toast. For those best men who are feeling apprehensive about their wedding speech, it also means that there's less "speech" for you to remember.

Best Man Joke

The ingenuity about this method is that a joke or gag can take a few minutes and gets a laugh but what it's really doing is detracting the attention from you and placing it on the bride and groom and the participating wedding guests

In this article, we outline a couple of free ideas for jokes a best man can play on both the bride and the groom.

Best Man Joke #1 - Return The Key

This is an oldie but a goodie - I've seen this best man speech joke a couple of times at weddings and even though it's not original I still find it funny!


Hand out some keys during the reception - mix it up - give the keys to men, pregnant ladies, even the bride's grandmother (if you've got some guts!)

During your speech make a comment like "so now that Will and Katie are officially man and wife, that means Will is off the market. I'm afraid that all of you who have been given keys to Will's house will need to return them now.

Both time's I've witnessed this joke during a best man speech, the Groom has usually looked thunderstruck and is trying to explain himself to the Bride until the keyholders start returning their keys and they realise that this is a joke

Best Man Joke #2 - Upper Hand

Another oldie best man joke for your speech but one that still gets the laughs.


At the beginning of your speech, ask the bride and groom to give you their hands. Place the hands on the table so that it goes Bride, Groom, Bride, Groom. Then later in your speech refer to their hands and tell your Groom that you hope he's enjoying what you've done because it will be the last time he'll have the upper hand!

Best Man Joke #3 - Radiant Bride

Another best man joke or gag that will grab the attention of the wedding guests.


At the beginning of your speech, as you rise from your chair, make a big show of taking your sunglass case out of your pocket. Withdraw the sunglasses and put them on your eyes. Now you say "Whew! That's better. They say a bride is supposed to be radiant but this is ridiculous. I have to shield my eyes to look at her. And they say the groom should beam with happiness - well I can feel the glow from this couple all the way over here."

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