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Best Man Speech Etiquette Dos and Don'ts: Expert Advice for a Flawless Toast

Updated: Jul 8

Wedding toast speeches and their history and inclusion into best man toasts is quite interesting.

I've always wondered about the history of the wedding toast and since I'm always up for a history lesson I researched just for you!

best man wedding toast

The ancient Greeks initiated the art of toasting as a good faith gesture when the host took the first sip, thus assuring the guests that the punch wasn't spiked with poison, (must have been a commonplace occurrence in those days). This is why the most familiar toast heard around the world has always been: "To your health."

The Romans later discovered that a small piece of charred bread, known as a piece of toast, mellowed the flavor of the wine being offered, which is how the term "toast" originated. And although wine was the Romans' toasting beverage of choice, once champagne was invented by the monk Dom Perignon in the 1600s, champagne became the preferred beverage served when toasting the bride. Champagne is still the most popular beverage served at weddings today, although it is perfectly proper to toast the couple with a nonalcoholic drink.

Wedding Toast Speeches Order

The Toasts are offered once all the guests have been served drinks, whether with a meal or, if no meal is served, with the wedding cake.

The toasting beverage is poured in this order:

  • The bride.

  • The groom.

  • The maid or matron of honor.

  • All the other guests at the head table, with the best man being the last to receive his beverage.

Wedding Toast Speeches

Once the guests at the head table have their glasses filled then the wedding toasts (or wedding speeches nowadays) begin. The order of the wedding toast is:

  • The best man usually offers the first toast

  • Groom's Father

  • Bride's Father

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Relatives

  • Maid or Matron of Honor

  • Anyone Else

Toasts at weddings are usually made to the bride or groom individually, the bride and groom as a couple, the bridesmaids, the bride's parents and the guests. The best man toast however is always made to the bride and groom.

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