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Best Man Speech for Brother Ideas: Creative Ideas for an Unforgettable Toast

Updated: Jul 8

Researching your brother best man speech and need some free and easy ideas to get started?

Or just after some free brother best man speeches you can use for your brother?

In this article, I discuss some of the difficulties you may encounter (I know this from first hand experience when I had to write a best man speech for my brother) and look particularly at the introduction and the "funny story" selection.

Free Ideas - Brother Best Man Speech

Brother Best Man Speech - Getting Started

Writing a best man speech for your brother should be easy but my experience (when I had to write a best man speech for my younger brother) is that it's more difficult than I had anticipated.

It's almost like you know him too well - after all, I'd known my brother nearly my whole life. I found that my biggest problem was finding a suitable balance with the best man stories. I didn't want to spend too long reminiscing about stories when we were younger but we'd lived in different cities after I turned 18yrs old and I didn't know a lot of the embarrassing stories from his University days.

No doubt, this balance will be something that you're struggling with too. Will the wedding guests find the story about what you got up to when you were 7 years old funny or is that incident something that only the two of you laugh about?

Your Brother's Traits - How Much Is Too Much?

I'm pretty sure that as a brother who is best man, you know the groom completely. What's worse (for your brother) is that family know each other's flaws and key personality traits and there's nothing like a brother to show them to the world!

Although I'm sure that you would love to divulge to the wedding guests that John loved looking at himself in the mirror for at least 30 mins before school you need to consider this personality trait in context with the rest of your speech.

To be honest, you could probably make that little secret really funny in your speech but just like with the stories about the groom, you need to keep the groom's more annoying personality traits to those that the wedding guests can relate too.

Tips For Selecting Your Brother Best Man Stories

  • Select some stories and run them by a friend - if they laugh you have a winning story

  • Use the "highlights" method - our ebook shows you how easy it is to do this

  • Limit yourself to three stories

  • Aim for only one of these stories to involve you and your brother (the groom) when you were living at home

  • Think of personality traits that started when he was younger BUT that he continues with today - ok, vanity is a pretty funny personality trait, especially if everyone knows that he's vain!

Brother Best Man Speech - Introduction

Here's a free introduction that you can use in your best man speech

Wow! This is beautiful; isn't it? It is really nice to see all of you gathered here today. I'm pretty sure that you all know who I am but seeing that I am the younger brother - I've spent a lifetime being called John's little brother. Well, I've been waiting a long time to say it but hi everyone my name is Tom.

You know John and I have been very good friends besides being brothers. And when you are friends, you get to know each other's secrets. Since the role of the best man is to reveal the groom's secrets I never expected John to make me be his best man. But don't worry; John being the bossy older brother has taken it upon himself to boss me around once again

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