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Best Man Speech Openers: Captivate Examples, Tips, & Techniques

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Are you wondering what you should say in your best man speech introduction? Want to make sure that you get the best man speech rolling with some laughs? Are you in need of some free ideas on how to do this?

Best Man speech introduction

On this page we give you the introduction that over the years we've found works with our best man speech.

Remember, if you want some more indepth help with writing the best man speech introduction then you are welcome to purchase either our eBook - How To Write A Best Man Speech That Rocks!

Purpose of Introduction

The purpose of the introduction is to let everyone know who you are and how you got to be best man. We always look at it as that part in the speech where you get the ball rolling - introduce yourself to everyone and then start with a few jokes to break the ice and get the crowd warmed up. Something like:

Good evening everyone, for those of you who don't know me my name is Doug and I'd like to welcome you all here tonight as it's always a busy time of year for everyone. I know my wife has been busy shopping lately - infact I lost my credit card the other day but I didn't report it - whoever stole it was spending less than my wife does.

You also then mention how you know the groom and maybe another one-liner or a funny story about how you met

I met Steve about 20 years ago when we were at boarding school together - this may be hard to believe but it was back when Steve had hair on his head. I remember on the first day I met him, we were 13 and he was shaving in the bathroom. I went outside to some other friends and asked what a year 13 guy was doing in our bathroom - needless to say it was Steve and when he came outside we were friends ever since.

But I don't have a funny story of how we met

Many friends just meet each other in a normal way with no embarrassing or hilarious story to tell. If you want to make your speech really funny though, you could just include a joke that could apply to your meeting or the time when you knew you were going to be friends.

It's called poetic license - surprisingly no one cares about whether the details are actually true. I'm speaking from experience and also from watching many other best man speech introductions - if you have the wedding guests laughing then it doesn't really matter.

Here's what I mean:

"Brad and I first met when we were at University together. Although our meeting was relatively normal, it was soon after this that I realised he would be a great friend. My then girlfriend had been hinting about what she wanted for our upcoming anniversary. She had told she wanted something shiny that goes from 0 to 150 in about 3 seconds - I knew Brad was a man after my own heart when he told me that I should buy her a set of scales."

As you can see, the red text is the joke (the joke is in the Best Man Speech - Jokes ebook but it's just been reworded slightly so that it can fit into the story and be a funny anecdote.

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