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Best Man Speech Outline Essentials: Building a Remarkable Toast

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

So, you've been asked to be the best man at a forthcoming wedding and you need a best man speech outline. Well, you've come to the right place!

My wife's mantra has always been that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Although you might think the next paragraph is irrelevant to best man speeches keep reading... My wife's mantra is used for everything - holidays, budgeting, weekly cooking - you name it.

Best Man Speech Outline

Interestingly enough, my wife is one of the most laidback people I know so to know that plans her life may probably surprise a lot of people. Here's the rub - the reason why she can be laidback is because she knows she has life under control.

And the reason she has life under control is because she has it PLANNED.

Plan with our Best Man Speech Outline

So, what does this mean for your exactly? Well, it's planning that will have huge payoffs for you when writing your best man speech. If you have an outline for your best man speech then you can afford to relax a bit. This may be hard to believe, but I assure you - having a best man speech formula or outline means that you're halfway to writing your best man speech!

Why Use A Best Man Speech Outline?

Without an outline to follow, how do you know where the speech is going? We've all been at those weddings where the speeches meander and waffle on - you're sitting there thinking to yourself that this person really needs to know when to sit down.

Well, I can guarantee you that the reason this person is standing up there talking at great lengths about nothing is because they haven't planned their speech. That's right, they haven't used a standard best man speech outline, let's be specific - they haven't used OUR killer best man speech outline.

Here's Our Free Basic Speech Outline

Let's face it, a best man speech is a story. In a nutshell, your best man speech is going to be a story about your best mate, your brother, your old college buddy. Yes it's a speech, but you're telling the groom's life story in a narrative. It's supposed to be a funny narrative and it's also supposed to be (mostly) truthful with a bit of gentle character assassinating going on.

Like any story, if you don't have an outline or a plan, if the story just jumps around from place to place then it's not going to be coherent. This is why we advocate working from our best man speech formula - it's the same as an outline. It gives you a logical way to order your best man speech.

Given this, it's pretty easy to see how your best man speech should be written - just like any story - start at the beginning and work forwards!

  1. Introduction

  2. Main Body

  3. Ending

We give away a lot for free on our website but the fact that we have a proven, easy outline for writing a best man speech is pretty much our bread and butter for our income.

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