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Make Your Best Man Speech Shine - We’ll Show You How

Updated: Jul 8

Best men speech

Got your hands full with your friend’s wedding and your head full of fear and terror at the thought of delivering the most mediocre best man speech in Ireland?

Research has shown that people rate public speaking as their second biggest fear- second only to death. We don’t want you losing precious sleep over your big moment at your best friend's wedding. Make it one to remember (for all the right reasons) with some of our favorite insights and some best man speech examples.

5 Tips to Make Your Best Man Speech Shine

1. Capitalize on quirky, playful anecdotes

Your mission is to give the wedding attendants a heartfelt, insightful glimpse into who the groom is, what makes him tick, and what makes him special. Curate your memories, mishaps, and mistakes and find a special anecdote or two to impart which allows the groom's personality to shine.

2. Make it about them, not you

You know how special you are to the groom, but you don’t need to belabor the point. Resist the temptation to become the star of the show. Remember your role as a supporting actor and construct a narrative that shows your friend in the best light.

bride best friend wedding speech

3. Focus on Light hearted Humor - Avoid Dirty Humor

Focus on playful asides and innocent digs and avoid dirty, crass, or offensive humor at

all costs. You don’t want to be that guy that everyone’s talking about thirty years later.

4. You don’t have to be corny to be captivating

Some men struggle to wear their emotions on their sleeves. The struggle is multiplied tenfold when you have to let your heart out in front of hundreds of friends and strangers. But the most powerful best man speeches don’t need to be stuffed with sentimental and sappy declarations. You can demonstrate your pride and excitement simply and authentically without resorting to clichés.

5. Don’t neglect the bride

Whether you’ve known her your whole life, or you just met her last week, you want to include a meaningful nod to the bride in your best man speech. A concise, flattering comment or two about her influence on your friends life will keep everyone happy and engaged.

Best Man Speech Examples: Four Styles to Guide You

Biographical Style: Chart the course of you and your friends life together, creating a chronological narrative that gives everyone a clear sense of who he was and who he has become as a man and soon-to-be husband.

Creative Style: Base your speech around a favorite quote, lyric, or poem. If creativity is one of the groom's strong suits, play it up with a speech that incorporates and weaves in a lyric or quote as the linchpin of your best man speech.

Greatest Hits Style: Make the groom’s accomplishments in his personal, professional, social, and athletic life the fulcrum of your speech. Go from one tale of success to the next, giving your friend the kudos he deserves for all his wins.

Wisdom Style: There’s a lot of room with this style of speech to be sincere and also playful. Offering some pertinent, touching, heartfelt advice to the couple-to-be can be a special way to recount the lessons you’ve learned and share meaningful tips, like ‘never go to bed angry.’

Need a Professional’s Touch?

Done your research and feel that it’s still over your head? Fear not! If you’re looking for help with your best man’s speech in Ireland and the UK you’ve come to just about the best place possible. At Splendid Speeches we take your best man speech more seriously than you do - and we’re committed to getting as many laughs, tears, and shouts of enthusiasm on your behalf as possible. Contact us for bespoke speech writing services that will turn today’s source of stress into tomorrow’s source of pride.

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