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Expert Tips for a Memorable Best Man Speech: Deliver with Confidence

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Writing a best man speech shouldn't be as hard as it sometimes is. I mean, the groom is your best mate or your brother and all you're doing is getting up in front of the wedding guests and extolling his virtues.

Writing A Best Man Speech - 5 Tips

So it should be easy right? Well, for some reason, we could probably be sitting around in a group and we would easily tell our stories BUT mention the word "best man speech" and suddenly your mind goes blank. Don't worry - this happens to me too and I've put together my five easy steps to help you write a best man speech.

Writing A Best Man Speech - Tip#1

Get the structure right

Yep that's right - you need a plan of attack, a plan for how you are going to structure your best man speech. Writing a great best man speech means you have to have some semblance of order so that it flows naturally. I discuss in more detail my suggested structure for your best man speech in my ebook - How To Write A Best Man Speech That Rocks but essentially your speech needs a beginning, a middle and an end.

Writing A Best Man Speech - Tip #2

Travel Through Time

An easy way to remember this is to think about the best man speech structure as telling a story in a timeline. So, at the beginning of your speech you start with when the Groom was younger and then go through his life (particularly in the middle section). You then talk about the Bride and Groom meeting and the adventure they're embarking on.

I've seen a best man speech where he then goes on to talk about the future which gives him scope to then make jokes about kids and growing old together!

Writing A Best Man Speech - Tip #3

Use Pre-Written Material As Well As Original

Don't make it too hard for yourself - if you're not a comedian, there's lots of funny jokes around - take a look at my Wedding Humor page for some inspiration.

At the risk of making you feel like I'm plugging my ebook I do have a wedding jokes book which comes free with the purchase of the ebook. Otherwise, look around on the internet, re-check those emails you got sent at work or here's a really old school idea - check out a joke book at the library!

Writing A Best Man Speech - Tip #4

End With A Toast

Ending with a toast makes life easy for you and it's a nice way to wrap up the speech. You don't need to have written it and if you pick the right one, you might even make the wedding guests cry. If you're looking for some best man toasts then I've put a selection up on my Free Best Man Toasts page

otherwise look in the same places that I suggested you look for jokes.

Writing A Best Man Speech - Tip #5

Start Early

How early do you start writing a best man speech? It's never too early - start now - start tonight! Jot a few ideas down as you're reading this, believe me, the earlier you start your best man speech then the less stressed you will be.

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