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Crafting the Perfect Best Man Toast: Expert Tips, Examples and Techniques

Updated: Jul 8

Make it Easy!

So you want to write and deliver a great best man speech but you're stuck for ideas? Maybe you are looking for instruction on how to get started or you're desperately trying to find something to say to your best mate (when incidentally the wedding is this weekend and you've procrastinated long enough until now you just need to get it done!)

A Great Best Man Speech Idea

Believe me, I've been there! That's why we developed this website. We wanted to help best men deliver a great best man speech. We also wanted most of the information to be freely available so if you need some more inspiration then check out our Writing a Best Man Speech page or check out our Best Man Speech Funny - Roasting The Groom page for one-liners to use.

This page however is devoted to an idea that came to us from a number of sources. Initially we were inspired by the Best Man Speech Rap video we posted about on our Best Man Speech Help Blog. After we posted, we had lots of people emailing us asking if we had considered putting together something similar.

It was overwhelming really, so, our rhyming best man speeches ebook was born.

A Great Best Man Speech That Rhymes

We were so inspired by such a great way to deliver a best man speech that for the first time, we commissioned some professional writers to help us with our new project. We figured that experts would help get our creative juices flowing.

Lucky for you, the writers we hired were amazing. One had a degree in English Literature, one wrote comedy for television and our last person was a stay at home mom who wrote poetry in her spare time. They all wowed us with their initial bids which were written in verse.

We were right, their words proved inspiring! We took what our professional writers started and added to it. After much writing, proofreading and rewriting we finally had over 100 stanza's for your selection.

It's not quite a Best Man Speech Rap but you could always set the speech to music and rap it if you feel like it!!

Here's a couple of verses for you.

Good day to all of you, I wont take up much of your time, Make a best man speech, is what I'll do, And hell, it might as well rhyme. Excuse my scrambled and mismatched notes, I'll try to get things in order Because even though it doesn't seem so, I wrote these words while sober.

In our book, we've grouped these stanza's in a logical order and also by logical category. Do not feel restricted by this - you can use the stanza's in any order that you want to. Also feel free to play around with the words if they're not exactly to your liking. Sometimes adding words in or removing a word or two will help to make the whole rhyming speech flow a bit better. After all, this is your speech, personalize it so that it sounds natural!

I've decided to make this speech different, And deliver it as a rhyme, I hope you can all understand me, I've drunk a lot of whisky and wine! Sober, clean and entertaining, Is what the Best Man speech should be, But if that's what Dan had wanted, Then he shouldn't have chosen me!

You Can Read From Your Notes!

Our standard maxim is that a great best man speech is one that is delivered without notes. This means you need to have time to rehearse the speech. Our rhyming best man speeches can be confidently delivered while reading from your notes. The reasoning for this seems o be that that poems and quotes are obviously written down and you need to refer to notes to ensure you get them right whereas a funny speech is expected to be delivered in an impromptu manner.

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