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Crafting a Memorable Best Man Toast: Inspiring Ideas & Examples

Updated: Jul 8

Following on from our first page on Free Best Man Toasts, we've compiled another article to help you as you're writing your best man speech.

More Free Best Man Toasts

These best man toasts are a great way to wish the new couple well, but it can be hard to get it just right if you've never done it before.

If you are also emotional about the newlyweds, it may be even more difficult to get the best man toast just right.

We know what it's like, so that's why we've helped you out at the end of this article and give you some examples of best man toasts that are short and sweet.


Our first tip - Keep It Simple!!

If you can keep it simple then you are more likely to be able to remember the best man toast word for word. If you read our Best Man Speech eBook you will see that we recommend that a best man should deliver his wedding toast without cue cards (or at least appearing to be without them!) - this makes the best man toast appear natural and sounds like you've just come up with it.

Free best man toast

Not Too Longwinded

Our second tip for delivering a best man toast is to make sure that you keep your toast to a good length. Remember that all wedding toasts whether given by a best man or not are simply a way to let the newlyweds know that you are excited for them, and that you are proud to have been part of their big day.

Examples To Inspire You

Free Best Man Toasts - Example #1

Below is a very simple toast that you can use regardless of how well you know both of the bride and the groom. This is also a great way to make a best man toast when you really want to wish the couple well but you aren't too sure what to say!

"It is now my honor to toast the happy couple. To John and Nadia, two very wonderful people. I wish you good health, happiness and a fantastic life together. Congratulations!"

Free Best Man Toasts - Example #2

This is a very sweet toast that is also easy to remember

"To precious moments of togetherness, countless hours of sunshine and laughter, days of indescribable joy and celebration. May each morning be a happy surprise as you awake in each other's arms to discover that you love each other even more than the day before. To our newlyweds John and Nadia!"

Free Best Man Toasts - Example #3

Below is a best man toast that is a bit longer but is very sincere - you might even get the wedding guests sighing and thinking how awesome you are with this one!

"John and Nadia, I am so honored to be here with you today, to share your joy and to bask in your love. This is a very special day, the day you have looked forward to for so long. And to think that this is only the beginning - just imagine that! l wish you a lifetime of love, a happy home and great success in all you do. May you share equally in each other's love, and may all your troubles be little ones. Congratulations to our newlyweds!

As you can see, you can keep it really simple or you can add a bit more personalization to a toast.

Usually a toast is just a few minutes long, so keep things short and sweet but be sure to convey your happiness for the new couple. Remember to keep humor limited and clean, just so that you are sure you don't offend anyone.

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