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Funny Best Man Toast Quotes: Adding Laughter to Your Speech

Updated: Jul 8

The best man toast - you know what it is - that tender gesture proposed to the bride and groom. At it's best, it can be a wonderful meshing of poetry, humour and sincere wishes.

At it's worst... well, let's just say that it can be a rehashing of tired old jokes which aren't even funny AND with no well wishes to the bride and groom! Don't believe me - I've seen best men do this!!

best man toast

What Is The Toast?

Although the terms "toast" and "speech" are used interchangeably today, it's generally agreed that the best man speech incorporates the toast by the best man. This diagram might help explain it.

The best man wedding speech has evolved through the years from a simple toast to the bride and groom along the lines of "to your health and happiness". Nowdays, the toast from the best man has become much more - it's a best man speech which should be sincere and heartfelt and there is huge expectations on the best man to also make this speech funny and entertaining.

But there's still room within your best man speech to propose a best man toast.

The Best Man Wedding Toast

I structure my wedding speech so that the toast is at the end of the speech

The way I write my speeches means that I'm telling jokes and funny stories until nearly the end of my speech. I say some sincere words about the bride and groom and then finish with a touching toast.

The best thing about structuring your speech with the best man wedding toast at the end is that the toast gives the speech a natural conclusion since the wedding guests have to stand and raise their glasses.

If you're nervous about delivering your best man speech, a toast at the end of your speech is the best way to "pad out" your speech without having to actually write anything yourself.

Your Best Man Toast

What To Write

In terms of what you actually write in your toast, well, that's up to you. You can either take some pre-written toasts or if you're feeling industrious, you can write the toast yourself. Some of the best man toasts that I've heard are limericks that the best man has written especially for the bride and groom

If you're stuck for ideas, I've collated some two pages - best man toasts and more best man toasts for you to use for inspiration.

Final Best Man Wedding Toast Tips

Tip #1

Although I think writing your own limerick or poem is great, I'm not really a poet. So, I always like using a few words from love poems or traditional blessings - these always get lots of sighs (and even a few tears) from the rest of the wedding guests.

Tip #2

You should know this but I'll remind you. When you are proposing your best man wedding toast - always ask the wedding guests to be upstanding and join you in the toast to the bride and groom.

Tip #3

If you need some help finding a suitable toast to include in your best man speech, we have a free Quotes and Toasts ebook that is bundled together with the purchase of when your purchase our ebook Best Man Speech That Rocks

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