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Best Man Speech for Your Brother: Five Effective Ways to Share the Story of Your Bond

Updated: Jul 8

When your brother is getting married, it’s a festive occasion to be sure, and not just for the future couple, but for you as well! The occasion is even more momentous if he bestows upon you the honor of being his best man. Apart from planning a bachelor party for the ages, you also have the ultimate responsibility: delivering a best man speech for your brother that he’ll never want to forget.

Best Man speech for brother

Best Man Speech for A Brother – 5 Tips to Crush This Anticipated Toast

How does it feel? You’re tackling one of the most anticipated toasts of the big day. People have high expectations of you – they want the juicy childhood stories, the playful humor, and the expressions of brotherly love. We trust that you won’t disappoint with the following advice.

1. Recognize and Focus on the Bond

If your brother has chosen you to be his best man, it is obvious that you two enjoy a close relationship. And you want to honor this relationship with an unforgettable toast. Yes, giving a best man speech for a brother who is getting married is a lot of pressure: you want to be engaging, sentimental, and funny all at the same time. But don’t let the pressure get you down. Keep your ironclad bond top of mind the whole time – it will remind you that he trusts you above anyone else for the title of best man. Keeping that reality in perspective will calm your nerves. He trusts that you can do this and do it well. Trust his judgement.

2. Introduce Yourself and Your Family With Humor and Grace

While some in the audience might recognize you as the brother of the groom (what with the dashing good looks and all) but don’t forget to introduce yourself! Share a special remark or two about your parents, and any other siblings or extended family that you have. Discuss the inspiration their lives and marriages provide and share some anecdotes about hilarious and notable family times. This will serve as a reminder to the groom just how many people love him and support him in this new chapter.

3. Share Brotherly Memories

A best man speech for a brother should emphasize the shared memories and priceless moments – running the gamut from the emotional to the hilarious. You know your brother in a way no one else does, and you have a unique window into who he is and what separates him from the pack. Play up that proprietary knowledge and wow the guests with endearing memories, outrageous capers, and wild gambits that only you are privy to. Poke fun at the guy and share some corny moments or family jokes. When you focus on sharing stories that reflect your bond you will doubtless come up with a speech that resonates for years to come.

Best man speech

4. Talk about the Value of Brotherly Connection

Weddings are an emotional occasion and are the perfect opportunity to show your sentimental side. Express the vulnerable, raw side of your relationship - this is not a comedy skit, it’s a best man speech and there’s plenty of room for emotion. No best man speech for a brother is complete without expression of sentiments. It is the perfect occasion to tell your brother how much he means to you, how you admire him, and how proud you are of him.

5. Put a Spotlight on Their Spouse

Don’t forget to share a few sweet words for your brother’s new spouse. Give some insight into their relationship from your perspective and emphasize your joy at having their spouse as the newest member of the family. Share some stories about the couple or make a genuine appraisal of all the ways his spouse is the perfect fit for him. Wish them luck and prosperity on their new journey together. Conclude by raising your glass to toast the new couple and to cheers yourself for a job well done.

Three Best Man Speech for a Brother Examples We Love

Best Man Speech for the Funny Brother

“I don’t really want to speak at your wedding but you’re the only brother I have”, “It’s funny how far people will travel for a free meal”. This brother’s speech is an absolute laugh track the whole way through. This is well worth a listen to gain a sense of how well-executed humor can elevate your speech.

Best Man Speech for the Entertaining Brother

If you’re a master at public speaking and enjoy the spotlight, this is a great example of how you can use your charisma to create a memorable, engaging speech.

Best Man Speech for the Emotionally Driven Brother

This is a sweet, not sappy, speech that emphasizes the brotherly bond. It is heartfelt and touching and is a great example of how you don’t need to be a natural born performer to nail the speech of a lifetime.

Best Man Speech for the Thoughtful Brother

A winning combination of earnest delivery and warm, funny anecdotes. This is a good example of being gracious and effectively thanking the guests. You don’t need to be the funniest guy around to deliver a beautiful, highly personal speech filled with wisdom.

Still Drawing a Blank and Need Some Professional Help?

You might be the perfect brother, but you’re fast realizing that you’re not the perfect speechwriter – we’ve got you. Sometimes an outside perspective is needed to nail the comedic touch and heartfelt flourish necessary for a memorable speech. At Splendid Speeches we want to brighten your brother’s big day with a big speech full of big laughs, big energy, and big sentiments.

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