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Unlock Your Best Man Speech: Free Examples for a Memorable Toast

Updated: Jul 8

Looking for some successful best man speech examples free?

Sometimes, when you're writing a best man toast or speech, you need a bit of help and inspiration to get started. So I've included two of Max's best man speech examples free for you to use - no strings attached!

Best Man Speech Examples

A Best Man Speech Is Easy To Write

No doubt some of you will just copy these speeches but give some thought to writing your own speech.

You can make your speech sound natural and fresh - not just another cheesy internet speech. It's easy - particularly since we have a simple to follow formula outlined in How To Write A Best Man Speech That Rocks.

Even if you ignore my advice, these two best man speech examples free (#1 on this page and #2 on the next page) should be enough to both provide some inspiration and also clarify how you should structure your speech.

Our philosophy is to "pay it forward" - we've give your some best man speech examples free for you to use so if you do use them (of course you've substituted your own funny stories) then please give back to our website and upload your speech on our Free Best Man Sample Speeches page. In this way, you can help other best men write their speeches and you can help to keep our website on best man speech examples free.

Best Man Speech Examples Free #1 - Henry & Melissa

Good evening everyone. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Max Power and I have the honour and privilege of being one Henry's best men today.

Henry and I have known each other for 26 years - we first met as 13 year old boarders at Milford College in Auckland. I'm not sure we actually met on our first day but he definitely left an impression. As happens when boys of that age get together, a massive pillow fight occurred the very first night at school as soon as the lights went out .

One of the boarding masters turned on the light and asked who had been pillow fighting. As expected, no one said a word except for the guy in the bed next to Henry who said he didn't know who was fighting but he appeared to have ended up with an extra pillow. Turns out the spare pillow was Henry's and for this infringement he was the first boy in our year to be caned and his name went down in schoolboy history.

After that we discovered that we were both from the mighty Waikato, we shared many interests and from there our friendship grew. It actually feels strange calling him Henry because Henry is a name he adopted later in life - I don't want to embarrass him too much so I'm not going to reveal his school nickname - so you can breathe easy Wolf.

We had a lot of fun at high school getting up to the usual hijinks. After the 1st day caning Henry was probably what you would call a model student although it must be said his ability to fly low under the radar meant he was able to get away with things others couldn't.

Henry and I both did a very short stint studying the same 1st year course at Auckland University. I'm not sure you could call it "studying" because as I remember it we spent a lot of our lecture time play spacies, and our leisure time was spent drinking and pulling good natured pranks a combination which looking back probably wasn't a good one. In fact, Henry again became legendary after he was involved with me and some other guys from my hostel in a midnight raid for liquid refreshments on another hostel. Problem for Henry though was that it was his own hostel, I think it took alot of explaining on his part to talk his way out of that one.

Melissa, I'm sure he's changed now, but in the early years, I don't think Henry was what you would call a model flatmate or tenant for that matter. His cooking skills were still developing - fish pie was his speciality and we seemed to have it every night Henry cooked without fail. It may just be coincidence but Henry's cooking night also became the night the flatmates would take the flat cheque book and eat out.

I know that in one of Henry's flats in Dunedin when he was at uni down there Henry and his flatmates after a few beers invented the game bottle baseball, it was like baseball except it was played inside using empty beer bottles. Another time he instigated a skyrocket fight down the hallway of one of our flats, and in another flat after coming back from duck shooting at home he hung two dead ducks in the entrance wardrobe to mature before we cooked them. Two weeks later we were wondering what the strange smell was in the house. Needless to say I think we took the cheque book and ate out that night as well.

Although I wasn't actually around when Melissa and Henry met, I'm told that they met at that wonderful place where everyone seems to meet - the local pub. As you all know, Melissa is a psychiatrist so I'm thinking it was pretty lucky for Henry that Melissa had her beer googles on that night or he may not have made it to the second date.

Melissa, all joking aside, Henry has been very fortunate to have met you and no doubt you have seen the same qualities in Henry for a husband that I have as a friend. You look very beautiful today and I look forward to getting to know you better in the years to come.

At this point because I'm a married man I've been told that I should dispense some advice to the married couple.

Melissa, I know it's hard slaving by the hot stove, doing the washing and keeping the house clean, so, if you want to ensure your marriage is harmonious - help Henry out with these chores now and then.

Henry, if you want to ensure your marriage is harmonious - remember those 3 magic words, "You're right Melissa".

But seriously, Henry, you've been a great friend to me over the years and I have always enjoyed our times together. I wish you both much happiness in your future life together.

I'd like to finish with a blessing, one which I think is very appropriate. To Henry & Melissa; "May your love be modern enough to survive the times yet old fashioned enough to last forever."

To The Bride And Groom [Raise glass]

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