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17 Creative, Original, and Heartfelt Best Man Speech Examples

Updated: Jul 8

Best Man Speech Examples

Sometimes we need to stand on the shoulders of giants, taking cues from their successes and replicating their accomplishments. When it comes to your best man speech, examples from the men who have come before you can be a great tool in your arsenal.

But where to start? Worry not, best man, for we have curated some stellar best man speech examples for your learning and viewing pleasure. It can be daunting trying to navigate your way through the scores of tips out there. These examples will enable you to construct a winning strategy that blends the tried-and-true methods of others with your own personal brand of wit and charm. Our aim is to help you cut through the noise and narrow down the strategies that will help you showcase your voice as flawlessly as humanly possible.

Ten of Our Favorite Best Man Speech Examples

PowerPoint Best Man Speech

Why not embrace your techy side and your creative prowess and design a hilarious, unexpected PowerPoint presentation? This is a great way to use visuals, memorable photos, and playful anecdotes to tell the story of your bond. It certainly has the element of surprise and won’t be soon forgotten!

Play up Your First Impressions of the Groom

Playing up your first impressions of your friend (and his spouse to be) can be an endearing and touching way to begin your speech. It provides a fascinating frame of reference into the groom’s personality and allows you to share a memorable, hilarious story or two. “I remember when I first met X” will set you up for a completely bespoke speech tailored to your unique friendship.

Childhood Nostalgia Themed Best Man Speech

People are suckers for childhood escapades and adolescent mishaps. Play up your lifelong bond by sharing your journey together. This is a great window into your friend’s upbringing and allows the guests to gain a glimpse into the groom’s character. Emphasizing childhood memories is guaranteed to bring peels of tears and laughter from the groom, and it allows you the opportunity to relive some of your most formative experiences.

Emotionally Resonant Best Man Speech

The best man speech is the perfect opportunity to share your deepest sentiments and wear your heart on your sleeve. Don’t hold any punches and dive into the well of emotions within. This best man speech is a powerful example of how you can share your feelings in an impactful, resonant way. This speech was for the bride, the best man’s sister, but shines as an example of how a best man speech doesn’t need to be funny or performative to blow the guests away.

Class Clown Best Man Speech

If one of your natural gifts is getting laughs out of audiences big and small, lean into your talent and create a laugh-packed speech that will have the crowd in stitches. The key to nailing this form is to tow a careful line between cheeky, raucous humor and taboo topics. Keep it clean, but don’t be afraid to lightly roast the groom and push the boundaries in a respectful, kind-hearted way.

Musical Best Man Speech

Whether or not you have the voice of angel, this is an amazing option for those of us who have the confidence to pull it off. The novelty of this musical performance will ensure that all eyes and ears are on you. It is a great option for people who get a bit nervous about sappy displays of emotion and want to deliver something more relaxed. Hey, you might even go viral.

Roasts all Around Best Man Speech

If you are close with the wedding party, and the families of the groom (or bride) this can be an uproarious way to break the ice and get everyone laughing. Good natured banter, and thoughtful roasts and jabs at the groom, his family, and other groomsmen will have everyone feeling included and engaged. It is a great nod to your close friendships and to the people you can always be yourself around.

Poetic Best Man Speech

If you want to create an out of the box speech that will have people talking for years to come, why not create a poem? This rhyming best man speech is touching, poignant, and original. It is an effective way to make your time on stage count and is a guaranteed way to ensure your own artistic flair on display. The groom will be beside himself with laughter.

Rain down the Praise with an Admiring Best Man Speech

Whether the groom is your friend or brother, you’ll never fail by laying on the praise. When you share your admiration for the groom and offer tangible examples of how he has inspired you and impacted your life, you are sure to give him the confidence boost he needs for this new chapter. We don’t have the opportunity often enough to share the meaningful effect our loved ones have had on us. Use the best man speech as an avenue to gush and show the guests what makes the groom such a stand-up person.

Incorporate the Bride into the Best Man Speech

Spin a narrative that includes both the bride and groom. This is a special way to pay heed to their unique bond and allows people some insight into the couple’s relationship. It is good form to mention their spouse but why not go deeper and share a story or anecdote about them? If you can make it that much more personal and talk about their relationship in more detail, they’ll both be very grateful for it.

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