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How to Make a Winning Female Groomsman/ Best Woman Speech

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

For anyone asleep under a rock, it’s the twenty-first century and traditions rooted in historic necessity and gendered, binary norms are quickly being ruptured and rebuilt anew. While terms like ‘bridesmaid’ and ‘groomsmen’ have been the offhand, default terminology in the wedding landscape for over a century, people are growing tired of these constrictive labels.

A wedding is a time to celebrate love, community, and individuality, and is a time to surround yourself with people who align with your values.

Best Women Speech

Rigid gender-based social roles are being challenged across the board, and there is not only a growing acceptance, but a growing desire for more equitable representation at weddings. If you have been asked to be a female groomsman at a close friend's wedding and you’re unsure how to deliver a killer speech for the groom, we are coming to the rescue!

5 Strategies for a Memorable Best Woman Speech

1. Keep an Eye on Conventions

While we are all about shattering traditions, there are still some etiquette conventions that it pays to conform to within your speech. Thanking guests and acknowledging those who travelled from out of town is polite and gracious, and a great way to warm up and get comfortable in the spotlight.

2. Paint a Dynamic Sketch of the Groom

He’s a well rounded, complex, delightful individual, right? It’s your role as the female groomsman in the best woman speech to describe the highlights of who this man is. Sketch a holistic portrait, emphasising his diverse qualities: his intelligence, humour, generosity, selflessness, ambition, and compassion. Play up some professional, athletic, volunteer, or social accomplishments as well!

Best women speech

3. Poke fun at Traditions

This is up to your own personal discretion and is by no means mandatory, but if you feel like playing up the novelty of being a female groomsman and a best woman, then go for it! This is a great opportunity to make a harmless joke about women’s natural talent at public speaking, organising, and event planning. Perhaps you can make a funny dig at the groomsmen, and how you were clearly the best choice of the bunch. Keep it genial and kind-hearted.

4. Share a Playful Anecdote

Give a brief but insightful glimpse into your friendship. You can choose to play up your role as a female groomsman, and how your friendship (or siblinghood) has blossomed and developed, or you can just focus on the special bond you’ve forged. People are naturally curious about your bond and friendship and this is a wonderful chance to showcase it in all its glory.

5. Emphasise Your Love for his New Spouse

A successful best woman speech is inclusive of both the groom and his new spouse. Highlight his/her shining qualities and share a sweet memory of them. Describe your first meeting with them, or the moment when you knew they were the one for your friend. Flattery will get you everywhere in this instance.

Best women speech

Engaging Female Groomsman/Best Woman Icebreakers

● “My name is X, and I’m sure you can tell that I’m the best woman for the job”

● “My name is X, and if you want a job done right, ask a woman right?”

● “I’m X, Y’s best woman. He knew his male friends couldn’t be trusted with the ring or keeping the speech PG, so here I am!”

● “Although the best woman here today truly is the beautiful bride, I can’t say I mind the title of ‘best woman’ for the next five minutes while I wow you all with my speech.”

● “If anything breaks and needs fixing tonight, we have a group of talented groomsmen here to take care of it. But if you need a memorable speech, well, that’s when you need a woman’s touch.”

● “I’m X, if you’ve never met me, I’m sorry for your loss”

Winning Female Groomsman/Best Woman Video Examples

The Coston Wedding - Best Woman Speech

This is a great example of a sentimental, caring speech with a good dose of humour thrown in. This female groomsman makes a few jokes about her role as a female best man and it feels effortless and cheeky, in the best possible way. Proof that charisma is more important than perfectly memorised lines.

Toast at My Brother's Wedding

This best woman is the sister of the groom and she delivers a flawless, confident speech with well-placed humour and effectively placed nostalgia. She shares engaging anecdotes about her brother’s accomplishments and educational pursuits and she does so in a measured, authentic tone.

Sister of the groom gave the BEST WEDDING SPEECH!

This heartfelt speech will melt you. This is the definition of endearing. The best part? She shakes up the traditional form of the speech with ridiculous childhood videos of the groom. A simple slideshow of photos and videos can take your speech from great to unreal with relatively little effort.

Still Struggling with Your Female Groomsman/Best Woman Speech?

Here at Splendid Speeches we are by your side while you chart new terrain and remake traditions. We believe in making everyone feel like a star while they bare their hearts on their best friend's big day. You were chosen to deliver the best woman speech for a reason, and we want to help you actualize your potential. Reach out to Splendid Speeches to get expert help at sprinkling that extra bit of magic on your speech!

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