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Unforgettable Words: Examples of Poems for the Mother of the Bride

Updated: May 28

Poetics become you, mother of the bride! Fancy sprucing up your speech and winning over hearts and minds while you’re at it? Enter a mother of the bride poem. We wouldn’t suggest it if we didn’t think you could do it, and we’re here today to make your dream a reality.

Wordsworth, Keats, and Burns? So yesterday.

They’ll be in tears when they hear what you have to say!

(See, rhymes aren’t so hard!)

 Mother of the Bride Poems

Four Strategies for A Fabulous Mother of the Bride Poem

1. Select Your Hooks

A poem doesn’t have to come completely from scratch so before you wrack your brain thinking of a killer opener, step back! The most organic way to create a poem from the ground up is to write out your ‘hooks’: sentences, anecdotes, and rhymes that you can’t do without. This will form the foundation from which the rest of the poem can intuitively grow around. Once you’ve written down a few ‘hook’ sentences or rhymes, you can flesh out the rest of the rhymes around it. That way, the poem won’t be a series of unconnected, random rhyming couplets, but will have intentionality behind it.

2. Keep Some Conventions in Mind

You don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. Some conventions bear maintaining, regardless of how creative you want to be. Thanking the guests, and paying genuine respects to the family of the groom and the groom himself are non-negotiable. Feel free to incorporate these into the poem or use them to frame the poetic component of your speech. Perhaps you could create a couplet or stanza about your new son-in-law, or relay your first impressions of him via a snazzy little rhyme.

Mother of the Bride Poems

3. Create a Narrative

When we think of poems we often think of free form, chaotic agglomerations of words and imagery. It doesn’t have to be so! Your poem can absolutely have a narrative structure, along with a powerful story arc and consistent themes and symbolism. The themes at your disposal are vast: the bride’s achievements, her childhood, her quirks, her passions, her guilty pleasures, her love story! Indulge in a few of your favourite themes and construct the poem with those parameters in mind.

4. Embrace Poetic Licence

Okay, so we’ve just told you about some of our suggested rules - and now we’re going to contradict ourselves and tell you about a nifty thing called poetic licence! It’s not quite as contradictory as it sounds! But it is important to remember that as a wordsmith you have the final say on the form of your poem. Maybe you vibe better with raps, ballads, haikus, or sonnets. You don’t need to create an ‘ab-ab’ style rhyming couplet poem. Any experimental style is fertile terrain for your imagination, and will be just as impactful and unexpected.

Mamma Mia - The Struggle is Real

Ambition outpacing your confidence? We’ve all been there. And we are here to help! We don’t want to brag but here at Splendid Speeches we are something of artistic renegades (modesty aside), and we love transforming our friend’s inchoate speeches into fully-formed poetic raptures that will leave jaws on the floor and hands praising

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