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Ten Strategies That will Take Your Mother of the Groom Speech to the Next Level

Updated: Jun 5

Ready to make the mother of all speeches at your son’s upcoming wedding? As the mother of the groom you have a deeply integral - dare we say hallowed - role to play in terms of the success of the wedding. Despite what others might think, you know your son better than anyone. So how can you translate that proprietary knowledge into a sparkling, stirring speech that will have the wedding guests captivated and entranced? We have amassed some trade secrets that you can tailor to your own sensibilities to produce a speech that will put an ancient playwright to shame!

Mother of the groom speech

Ten Strategies to Deliver a Captivating Mother of the Groom Speech

1. Treat the Speech Like a Story

That means one thing, baby: narrative arc! Though it may not appear to be the case, a speech is distinctly related to its siblings, the novel and short story. Far from being a random, chaotic assortment of thoughts and sentiments, a well-crafted speech offers a thematic narrative - a plot. You can choose to structure your speech ‘story’ chronologically, or through the relation of a theme or symbol. Maintaining a structure allows you to deliver the speech in an organic way and it keeps people invested.

2. Demonstrate His Various Attributes

As the mother of the groom you want to boast about your son’s amazing qualities and winning personality. But the strategic way of doing this is via ‘showing, not telling’. We don’t need you to rattle off all his attributes like you are reciting a memorised list. Describe his qualities in a roundabout way, sharing stories that demonstrate who he is. This feels more heartfelt and engaging and will have a higher emotional resonance than a dry inventory of his best qualities.

3. Highlight His Role in Your Family

Provide the guests an insight into how your son fits into your family and clarify his role in your lives. Is he the family rock? The joker who always lightens a tense moment? Did he persevere in the face of family hurdles and setbacks? You don’t need to be profound but if you want to share something emotionally driven, feel free to do so. The speech doesn’t have to be all fun and games and there is certainly room for a moment of solemnity if you think it is appropriate.

Mother of the groom speech

4. Foreground Childhood Anecdotes

Nostalgia is a pivotal part of most mother of the groom speeches. Share playful memories or reminisce about the day he was born. Remind him of his childhood passions, quirks, and obsessions. Poke fun at his weird collection of figurines or his preoccupation with model trains. Get the crowd laughing and awwwing by shining a light on the side of him that no one else knows. If he’s blushing and smiling then you’re doing your job well!

5. Keep Pride Top of Mind

You are naturally proud of your son on this memorable day and the speech is the perfect time to showcase your pride. Share an achievement of his or highlight his perseverance in reaching his goals. Look him in the eyes and tell him ‘I am so proud of you’. People don’t hear those words often enough, and we guarantee that this sentiment will loom large in his memories for a long time to come.

6. Offer Sincere, Reflective Wisdom

As his wiser, more experienced elder (accept the compliment) you have the opportunity to share what you’ve learned in your own journey of love, life, and marriage. Share some wisdom or unconventional advice that will resonate for both him and his spouse. It can be sappy, thought-provoking, eccentric - the choice is yours.

Mother of the groom speech

7. Praise His Partner

Praise his partner for his/her role in your son’s life. Emphasise their partnership and their strong foundation of love and respect. Don’t be vague - spell out the reasons you love his spouse and can’t wait to welcome her/him into the family. Listing off their great qualities is appropriate for this section of the speech.

8. Look to the Future with Well Wishes

The best speeches create a tangible link between the past, present, and future. Look toward tomorrow with positive affirmations and predictions. You want to highlight that the wedding is the beginning of something new, and the starting off point for many more memories to come.

9. Make it Thematic

If you don’t know how to create a compact, concise speech out of the countless memories, anecdotes, jokes, and accomplishments that relate to your son - don’t fear. It is a huge undertaking trying to curate the best and brightest talking points for someone you’ve known his whole life. Choosing a theme and structuring the meat of the speech around it can be an effective way to guide your free writing sessions. Perhaps you could build your speech around the theme of your son’s generosity, or his goal-getter nature. You could build a speech around the larger themes of marriage as a source of comfort and companionship, or you could discuss friendship as the source of the happiest marriages. Figure out what themes stick out when reflecting on your son’s journey.

10. Don’t Censor Your Emotions

People expect the mother of the groom's speech to be one of the most valuable, moving speeches of the night. You have lots of room to explore your various emotions and you shouldn’t shy away from sharing a diverse range of feelings and sentiments. Tears are most welcome and should not be resisted. There is room for the full range of you, in all your authenticity, in this speech.

Five Mother of the Groom Examples we Love

Mother of the groom’s funny & heartwarming wedding speech

This mother is endearing and earnest and her deadpan, sardonic comedic timing is epic. She infuses her speech with sweet family anecdotes and pays heed to the bride’s family, ensuring everyone is included. Proof you don’t need to be theatrical to be entertaining, particularly if you’re more of a laid back, subdued person.

Best Mother of the Groom Wedding Speech

This mother tells an engaging story about her son's many misadventures and his triumphs. She flatters her new daughter-in-law with meaningful comments and sentiments. She truly plays up the special bond between her son and his new wife. Her delivery is calm and measured and she maintains an enviable degree of composure.

Emotional Mother of the Groom Speech Brings Everyone to Tears

“The first role you had in this world was as my baby boy.” This mom wears her entire heart on her sleeve, to beautiful effect. She shares touching stories about her son's birth and describes how proud she is of him and his integrity, generosity, and kindness. She leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind about how special her son is. Tears should never be shied away from, and this moving speech demonstrates why.

Legendary Mother of the Groom Speech - Gay Wedding Poem

This mother honours her son and his new husband in this genuine, charming poem speech. A poem is a creative, bold way of sharing your emotions and memories. The rhymes are bang-on and simple, and keep the crowd laughing. This takes a bit of forethought but is a guaranteed way of keeping the crowd’s engagement high throughout the duration of your speech.

Wedding Speech: Mother Of The Groom

“I want to start by talking about myself.” This mother is a riot, poking fun at her doll collection and her eccentric parenting style. This mom weaves a great tale with the use of stuffed animals and figurines. If you and your son have a playful, joyous relationship then you might consider taking a page out of her book. The speech is slightly embarrassing, totally immersive, and delightfully cringey. The crowd and the groom are engaged throughout.

Need a Helping Hand with Your Mother of the Groom Speech?

Mamma mia, writing a speech is hard work, no? Don’t let the drafting phase take the wind out of your sails. Splendid Speeches is here to catch you in case you fall. We have the tools, the wisdom, and the unparalleled humour to ensure that your speech is on everyone’s lips for years to come. Contact us

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