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How to Deliver an Unforgettable Sister of the Groom Speech

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

You’re the sister of the groom and you’ve been asked to make a heart warming, awe inspiring, and emotionally riveting speech. You need to bring on both the waterworks and the fireworks - a lofty undertaking!

You might be the favourite child and the golden sibling but this is your brother’s special day and you’ve been tasked with helping make it the best day of his life. You want to nail the balance between riotous and reflective and we are here to show you how with the following uncommon, thoughtful tips and strategies. Read on, sis.

Sister of groom Speech

9 Strategies to Help You Deliver an Exceptional Sister of the Groom Speech

1. Capitalise on Moving Childhood Anecdotes

As the sister of the groom you have a store of notable, moving, hilarious memories that you can share. You know a side of your brother that no one else knows and you can share qualities and quirks that others aren’t privy to. Capitalise on this insider knowledge and realise the power you have in shaping a meaningful narrative about your brother.

2. Make an Impactful Statement About Your Bond

Riffing off the above point, your speech should contain a stirring statement about the special bond you have shared. Though the content of this statement is at your discretion, consider mentioning how you persevered through hard times or how your brother was there for you during the growing pains of youth and adulthood.

Sister of the groom speech

3. Share the Love with Your Parents

Thank the people that made it all possible. Pay heed to the role your parents had in raising you and incorporate a memorable family anecdote or tradition into your speech. This will not only make your parents day but will construct a fuller, richer portrait of your brother’s life.

4. Poke Fun at Sibling Rivalry

People love a bit of friendly competition and the assembled guests will love a cheeky story or anecdote that reflects good-hearted sibling rivalry. Use this opportunity to wax lyrical about a talent your brother possesses that you’ve always been jealous of, or make light of his envy of your special skills if you’re feeling bold. He’ll love the playful asides.

5. Focus on His Distinctive Attributes

Although you don’t have to rattle off all of your brother’s talents, characteristics, and accomplishments you should weave them into the narrative of your speech. Instead of discussing how brave or loyal or compassionate he is, demonstrate those qualities through tales and jokes. The goal of your speech is to make your brother’s attributes shine through without listing them off dryly.

6. Emphasise the joy and delight that their new spouse brings to their life.

Whether you’ve known the spouse your whole life or just recently, carve out space in your speech to honour their role in your brother’s life. Assess the impact they’ve had with a small anecdote or recollection. It is appropriate here to rattle off their good qualities as time constraints will likely limit you from crafting a more nuanced, in-depth ode to your brother’s spouse. When it comes to your brother, show, don’t tell, but when it comes to his spouse it is appropriate to tell, rather than show.

7. Anchor the Speech with a Quote or Lyric

Whether you incorporate a pertinent lyric or quote into the speech or anchor your whole speech around one, this is a great way to keep the speech moving along rhythmically and organically. If you get stuck at a certain section of the speech consider discussing a quote you or your brother loves and linking it back into the wider themes of love, family, and community.

8. Shy Away From an Overdone Introduction

This is a highly personal choice, and far be it from us to limit your creative impulses, but we do think that some openers are slightly overdone. The ‘I’m x’s older, slightly better looking sister’ or ‘I’m x’s younger, more successful, sister’ is a bit overplayed. It’s not that it isn’t fun and playful, but just that it’s been done so many times. We trust that you can come up with a more personalised, creative opening line.

9. Make Humour Your Ally

The sister of the groom's speech usually has more latitude in terms of humour. You can be daring and push the limits in a way that other speech-givers are less able to. What a boon! Take advantage of this and don’t worry too much about censoring yourself or shying away from sharing some outrageous memories. Obviously you won’t mention his exes or any grave disappointments in his life, but don’t hold back from sharing a side splitting story or a good natured, childish joke at his expense.

Five Sister of the Groom Speech Examples we Love

Sister of Groom---McGaffin Wedding

This sister of the groom weaves a beautiful tale about her childhood and the teasing she endured at the hands of her three brothers. She constructs a narrative around her love for her brother and her friendship with his new wife and describes them both in such generous, big-hearted terms.

Sister of the Groom Speech

“I’ve been working on this speech for 23 years” - this sister of the groom is natural, effortless and affable. She makes funny statements in a relaxed way and the outcome is a speech that conveys confidence and grace.

Groom’s Sister’s Epic Speech

“I’m going to take the time to let you know just who you allowed into your family” - this sister is full of sass, charm, and wit. She owns the room during her speech and strikes a balance between being genuinely hilarious and sensitive. Her childhood anecdotes are winners, through and through.

Sister's Hilarious Wedding Speech

This sister incorporates dance music into her speech to ensure that it’s a riotous affair. She riffs off a ‘name that tune’ game they used to play as children and bases her whole speech around it! This is a creative, unexpected way to get tears, laughs, and dance moves out of the groom and the guests.

Sister of the Groom Speech - Kelly Walsh

This sister pokes fun at their childhood exploits and shares stories about how her brother was always in trouble and how he kept the family ‘on their feet’. She calls him her role model and pays respect to his bride for calming him down and making him a better version of himself.

Still Struggling?

You might be the world’s best sister but maybe you’re finding out you’re not the world’s best speech writer. Don’t let that clip your wings! Here at Splendid Speeches we are poised and ready to transform the story of your sibling bond into a speech of staggering genius. Reach out to us to see how we can help you create a memory that your brother will savour for the rest of his life.

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