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Epic Stag Do Ideas in Ireland: Unforgettable, Entertaining, and Hilarious

Updated: May 27, 2023

It’s your mates big day - we’re not talking about the wedding, we’re talking about the stag do! This is your chance to get weird, wild, and wacky. Throw off your inhibitions and gather your group together for a day, night, or weekend to remember. Whether you’re a tame group or rowdier than The Rolling Stones these funny stag do ideas will get the ball rolling and ensure some laughs and good vibes all around.

Six Funny Stag Do Games for A Memorable Time

1. Amazing Race

Why not turn your stag do into a game show adventure fit for cable TV? This one takes some planning, but can be a riot of a time if done correctly. If you are in your hometown you can reach out to friends or local business owners and see if they can participate, perhaps in manning a booth or offering a challenge. If you are in a new location you can arrange different challenges across local parks, beaches, and town squares. Offer clues at each stop and see who can get to the final stop first.

2. Centurion

Bring yourself and your friends back to uni with a high energy drinking game. If you need some refreshing, Centurion features a different song and a shot of beer every minute. It starts off slower paced, but ten minutes in, with a new song and a new shot of beer every 60 seconds, you’ll all be feeling rowdy and ridiculous. Ask everyone present to contribute ten or so songs so there’s an unexpected, diverse range.

3. Beer Pong Tournament

This will be a laugh for all you competitive lads out there. Create teams or go solo and get competing. Choose a killer soundtrack and ensure you have a funny, epic, or scandalous prize for the winner. He might be a great future husband but is he a great beer pong player? Looks like you’ll find out.

4. Phone Surrender

This is a cheeky one, but it definitely raises the stakes. There’s two ways you can approach it. You can make everyone put their phones in a pile. First person to check their phone loses, and the groom gets to send any message he wants to anyone in that unlucky guy’s phone book. Alternatively, every time someone loses a game, whether it be beer pong or flip cup, they have to surrender their phone to the groom to send a message of his choice. This takes guts, but it definitely keeps the wild and chaotic energy flowing.

5. Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

Is it luck, chance, or skill? Maybe we’ll never know - maybe you’re about to find out. Get everyone playing until you’ve whittled down the final two. If you’re nice guys the winner gets a killer prize. If you’re a wicked bunch, the winner gets to choose a chump from among the losers and send a message of his choice to one of his contacts.

6. Drunk Jenga

Go for either the miniature or large sized Jenga and get creative. Write your own challenges, prompts, truth or dares, or confessions on each piece and watch the chips, er pieces, fall where they may. This is a super collaborative way to get ridiculous stories out of everyone, and create some delightfully awkward moments with would you rather and confession questions. Add some outrageous drinking challenges to the mix and you’ll be wanting to play this game for hours, guaranteed.

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