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Five Tips and tricks for wedding speech writing

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

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Are you a friend or family member of the bride or groom and are asked to give a speech on their wedding day? Or perhaps you would like to make a toast at the reception. Whatever your reason for wanting to write a speech, we have put together our top five tips and tricks for writing a terrific wedding speech:

1. Do not stress about the length.

This might sound like a weird tip, but we promise you it's not. Don't worry about how long it is when you're writing your speech. Even if you have to give a short speech (30-60 seconds), don't write a short speech. Write something personal and funny that showcases why you love them, and make sure that it's relevant to the event—think about what makes them unique or what makes this couple special for their wedding day.

If you have more time (1-2 minutes), then take advantage of that extra space! Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and explain why this day is so special for both of you: maybe there are some inside jokes or stories that only those in attendance know about; maybe there was something memorable at their engagement party; maybe they met playing basketball together at college...the possibilities are endless!

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2. When you're writing, don't worry about memorizing.

The more you worry about memorizing your speech, the less likely you will actually memorize it. It's human nature to get nervous and forget things when we're under pressure—the last thing you want is for your toast to be one of those things. Just keep practicing, and you will be ready when the day arrives!

3. Get help from someone who knows you well.

You should ask someone who knows you well, such as a friend or family member. If they don’t know you well enough, they won’t be able to give you the best advice. Also, ensure that person is comfortable helping you write your speech.

And, if you want to make your life easy, hiring a professional speech writer is your best bet! They will help you put your thoughts into words that will resonate with the guests.

4. Humor is essential but be careful with it.

If you are funny, use it to your advantage. A good joke or funny story can help break the ice and get people laughing. However, this is not a free pass for you to tell any old jokes you want at any point in your speech.

Be careful not to offend anyone with your humor! No one wants their wedding day ruined by a poorly chosen joke.

5. Let your personality shine through.

A wedding speech is about celebrating the person you're talking about. That means it's your job to celebrate them with all the tools in your arsenal: your life experiences, personality, sense of humor, style, and creativity. Whatever makes you unique will help you write a meaningful and memorable speech that shows who you are while also honoring those being celebrated.

Many elements make up a great wedding speech, but one key thing is being honest about who you are and where you come from. The best wedding speeches come from the heart, so it's important to know what makes you tick and why this couple is special to you. It may be because they have been friends since childhood, or they remind you of your parents when they were young. Whatever the case may be, keep this in mind as you write your speech.


Wedding speeches are a big deal; we hope these tips help you ace yours! Remember to keep your speech personal, funny if possible, and long enough to show appreciation but short enough, so people don't get bored. If you follow these tips and tricks, your wedding speech will be a hit with everyone in attendance.

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