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How to Deliver a Meaningful Thank You Speech at Your Wedding: Examples, Tips, & Guidelines

Updated: May 28, 2023

What’s a wedding without love, a ring, and the guests, right? Your nearest and dearest trekked over mountains, they came across time zones, they battled weekend traffic and gave you pride of place on their calendars - your guests deserve some praise. A wedding thank you speech is a gracious move and will wrap the speeches up on a tasteful, heartwarming note.

Thank You Speech at Your Wedding

How to Deliver a Stellar Thank You Speech at Your Wedding

1. Thank Those Near and Far

Whether they are longtime neighbours or friends from overseas, extend your gratitude for their efforts in attending your wedding. Don’t neglect to show all your friends and family that you see them, and you see the lengths they went to attend (particularly if it involved international travel).

2. Cultivate a Sense of Community

Create an inclusive atmosphere by conveying warmth and making your thank you’s personal. You want the guests to feel like they are part of a large family or tribe, as though each one of them is fundamental to the day. Emphasise your appreciation for their long years of friendship, support, and unforgettable memories. Thank everyone in attendance for being who they are and end on a note of earnest gratitude.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Single Out Extra Special People

You’ve thanked everyone for coming and ensured they feel seen. Now it’s time to give some props to the people closest to you. This list might include your maid of honour, best man, wedding party, and family. Any special mentions belong here. Make it clear you couldn’t have made this day what it is without them.

4. Thank the Professionals

You don’t need to make an Oscars style acceptance speech, thanking all 100 people who made your day possible by name. But do take time to thank the efforts of the caterers, the photographer, and the wedding planners/event coordinators. Encourage everyone to raise a glass to all the staff working your big day.

5. Combine Sentimentality with Playfulness

It is more than fine to offer a serious, reverent thanks to everyone assembled, and you shouldn’t shy away from entering sentimental, corny territory. But we recommend ending the thank you speech on a bubbly note with a toast and an invitation for everyone to eat, dance, drink, and soak in the lovin’ vibes.

6. Include a Special Anecdote or Two

A funny insight into your relationship is a great inclusion. Consider sharing a moment you shared during your journey together or share a funny mishap that happened during wedding planning. Some levity, humble self-deprecation, or even a cute roast of your partner will get people laughing.

7. Be Succinct But Don’t Forget to Collaborate

Ensure the speech is under five minutes - keep it punchy and fast-moving. Unless one of you is scared silly by public speaking, try and share the microphone. This way you can ensure that everyone you care about is duly thanked.

Thank You Speech at Your Wedding

Thank You Wedding Speech Examples We Love

This couple emphasises how surreal and meaningful it is having all of their friends and family in one place. They each offer a beautiful tribute to the families of their respective spouses. They are so gracious and humble and they both offer a heartfelt nod to each other that gets the guests awwing like there is no tomorrow.

“Thank you for coming to Rachel’s wedding” - this speech combines earnest gratitude with good-natured humour. They ensure that everyone is duly thanked - which is always best practice. While their speech goes on for 15 minute (which we wouldn’t recommend in most circumstances) their intro is worth taking notes on.

This couple is high energy, vivacious, and earnest. We love the easy jokes, the unpretentious, authentic thank you’s and the warm-hearted aura that the couple exudes.

Thank You? Thank Us!

Trying to convey your thanks in an eloquent, tear jerking, uproarious way and coming up empty handed? At Splendid Speeches we tackle wedding speeches of all lengths, shapes, and sizes and we want your thank you speech to be so darn good that people are thanking YOU after you wrap up. Intrigued? Reach out-we’ll be

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