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How to Write a Heartfelt Eulogy for Husband: Examples, Format, Advice, & Tips

Updated: May 28

This is a challenging, overwhelming time in your life. We understand how many emotions are at play while grieving the loss of a husband, and we empathise with how strongly you want to convey your vast love with a poignant, touching eulogy. You want to honour your feelings and your grief while also giving your husband the beautiful speech that he deserves. We have a few strategies that can help focus your writing, and offer you a structure that will celebrate your husband’s life in the most effective, respectful way possible.

Reverential Eulogy

Five Strategies for Writing a Poignant Eulogy For Your Husband

1. Trace the Contours of Your Love Story

A eulogy is a special way to recognize your husband’s influence on your life. It should be a testament to the wonderful times you have had together. Writing your eulogy will allow you to reflect upon the trials, achievements, laughter, and delightful memories that defined your lives together. It will also allow you to feel gratitude about getting to share such timeless, precious moments with him.

2. Focus on His Purpose and Legacy

Create a grand narrative for a grand life. Weave the themes and values that defined his life into the beautiful epic that he deserves. Discuss the motivating factors that guided his decisions and his choices, and share the enduring legacy that he has left. This could be in the form of his family, his work accomplishments, his charitable work, or his commendable integrity and generosity. Every life has a story and a theme, and is connected to a sweeping narrative that endures throughout time. Find the cornerstones that defined his.

Reverential Eulogy

3. Share Some of His Unique Quirks

You can approach his quirks any way that feels authentic to you. You can maintain your reverential tone, or you can make light of some of his endearing, offbeat habits and passions. This adds a moving and human touch to the story of his character. We are all a combination of our idiosyncrasies and mannerisms, and this is a wonderful chance to share some little-known facts about him with his dearest friends.

4. Reflect on His Accomplishments

Reflect on the accomplishments that your spouse was proud of, and share some of the skills and achievements that amazed you the most. What were his crowning glories in life and what did he most love to brag about? Don’t go humble here or diminish his wins - this is not the time to hold back with your praise and adulation.

5. Share a Meaningful Quote, Lyric, or Sentiment

You can choose a lyric or quote that was impactful for him, or shaped his viewpoints on life. Perhaps the wise words of a favourite writer, poet, or musician. Or you can share a piece of wisdom that relates to who he was, what he meant to you, and how you feel about his legacy. This is a poignant, deeply affecting way to tie the story of his life together and to have a meaningful impact on all who were lucky enough to know him.

We Are Here For You

At Splendid Speeches we understand the range of emotions, and the deep sadness that comes with the loss of a husband. We are always here at your side if you need words of affirmation, love, and support. We are always here to work with you to make the legacy of your loved one as impactful and moving as possible.

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