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Writing a Laugh-out-Loud Funny Wedding Speeches: Hilarious Tips & Examples

Updated: May 28, 2023

A funny wedding speech may seem daunting and hard to write at first, particularly if you don't consider yourself a comedian!

This combined with the fact that wedding speeches are really just public speaking seems to make most people extremely nervous.

Secrets To A Funny Wedding Speech

Next to dying, delivering a speech is one of the tasks that nearly everyone dreads. Throw in the fact that you're expected to deliver a wedding speech that is humorous (particularly true if it's the best man speech that you're delivering) and you can imagine the sort of panic that sets in once someone is asked to give a speech or a toast at a wedding.

If you've read any other articles on this website, you'll have noticed that I've delivered four best man speeches. I've also given many wedding speeches for family members and I've performed as master of ceremonies at two other weddings - in short, I've had some firsthand experience!

Guess what, I'm no comedian, I'm just like any other normal guy who struggles to tell a joke well.

However, even with all of this, my wedding speeches have been deliberately humorous and all were well received by the wedding guests. Given my experience, I have a few secrets to share with you.

Funny Wedding Speech Secret #1 - A Friendly Audience

Unlike other public speaking opportunities - when you're delivering a wedding speech you're infront of a friendly audience. It's worthwhile remembering that they want you to do well, it's in their interests because they want to enjoy the speech.

The audience is relaxed and generally warmed up. In short, they're ready to laugh - you just need to give them something to laugh at.

Funny Wedding Speech Secret #2 - Stick To Clean Jokes

Wedding jokes for your best man speech or any wedding speech has to be appropriate for your audience.

And who does this audience comprise? Well, weddings nowdays tend to have less of the younger generation attending them BUT there is still the older generation to be mindful of.

You want your wedding speech to be funny but not cringingly funny.

I've been at a wedding where the best man told some awful jokes in his speech. Granted the jokes were funny but they really weren't suitable for the grandparents and elderly aunts and uncles that were attending the wedding. My friends and I still remember to this day - both the jokes themselves and also how badly they went down with audience. The best man was literally stopped in his tracks.

Funny Wedding Speech Secret #3 - Rehearse, Rehearse

Ever told a joke to friends and then mixed up the punchline? It doesn't work well does it...

It's the same with wedding humor - you need to practice the jokes so that you can get the timing right. If you can deliver the punchline well, with confidence then you can have the wedding guests laughing at the right time

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