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How to Write a Wedding Thank You Poem: Examples, Format, Jokes & Tips

Updated: May 28, 2023

You’re beyond thankful for all the special people who made your wedding happen - so why not thank them in an extra special way? For all the creative hearts and free spirits out there, we have exciting news for you: your wedding speech is your time, which means you’re in full control! If the choice is yours why not make the ultimate one: turn your wedding speech into a wedding poem.

Wedding Thank You Poem

A poem is an original and captivating way to go down in the history books. It will be the final flourish on an already epic day, and will be a guaranteed conversation starter among your nearest and dearest. Intrigued but unsure where to start? We can help you get your toes wet.

Five Strategies for a Flawless Wedding Thank You Poem

1. Get Your Details Straight First

If you’ve decided to go all in, it can be tempting to get the rhymes rolling straight out of the gates. But to keep yourself organized we recommend getting some paper and writing down all of the people that are ‘must-mentions’. That way you won’t be stressing yourself after the fact, trying to retroactively insert them into the poem. This may also provide inspiration for certain comments and anecdotes that you want to include in the poem.

2. Create Your Frames and Hooks

Unless you are writing a free form poem, we recommend choosing a few ‘hooks’ - rhymes or lines that you need to have in your poem. This will provide a foundational structure from which you can then build the rest of the rhymes. That way you won’t be inserting filler into your poem simply so it can rhyme. The best rhymes are relevant and unexpectedly pertinent, and have people at the edge of their seats.

3. Poetic License is All Yours

A poem is not a one size fits all format. Get experimental, if that’s your style, and try something even more out of the box: a limerick, sonnet, rap, or haiku perhaps? This will take more groundwork, yes, but will have vast payoffs.

4. Share the Mic and Share the Love

A wedding thank you poem should feature both of your thoughts, voices, and sentiments. Perhaps you can each work on your own verses or collaborate and mix in both of your tales and ideas. We recommend splitting the mic time roughly in half, perhaps switching it up after every quatrain, or even every other line if you’ve got memory and self-assurance on your side.

5. Keep a Hold of Some Conventions

We get it - you’re the creative type. But integrating a few traditional elements of a wedding thank you speech into your poem will elevate it. Be gracious and ensure you convey authentic thanks to the wait staff, event planners, and all the people who worked behind the scenes. Give a nod to all the people who travelled vast distances to attend your wedding and make sure all the bridesmaids and groomsmen get a sincere thanks, too. Don’t be afraid to poke fun, though: your gratitude doesn’t have to be sweet and sentimental if that doesn’t fit in with the tone of your poem.

Thankful - But Drawing a Blank?

If you’re hitting a brick wall when it comes to transforming your thank you notes into a Pulitzer quality speech, no need to descend into a poetic melancholy. At Splendid Speeches we have rhymes that would make Shakespeare blush, and we want to share them with you and the people you love. Thankful yet?

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